Arrived in Rotterdam today!

March 31 – Fnac didn’t deliver the video camera despite it being paid for, the name of the sponsor didn’t match mine so they would not process the deal, but didn’t tell me. So I lost a whole day waiting for it to come, and set off 7 pm to cross France, Belgium and get to a shop in Rotterdam which had the model I need in stock.

Storms, road accident traffic jam and a five-minute stop to type in the address of the shop into the GPS, plus driving the motorhome flat out 107km/hr max downhill…the van does all I need but drives like a fat duck with a broken wing; quite scary at speed, especially when loaded to the max.

I arrived with one hour to spare at the camera shop in Rotterdam, they flogged me the camera 400 euros more than it was in France but at least they had one on the premises, so coffee and chips in MacDonald’s so I can use the internet and type this…

I am shaking with tiredness and don’t feel like reading the instructions how to use the video and ‘initialise’ the storage card etc. however that is done. As I am filming tomorrow morning 8 pm I have to do the reading now. Of course it will be fine, there are more buttons on the thing than an accordion so it should be a breeze.

Off to find my way around Rotterdam and find somewhere to park up and read / sleep… the adventure has begun, I get to meet the Banana tomorrow for the first time; I hope it likes me.

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  1. Good luck, great meeting you today in Rotterdam, would love to do the trip too !!! Love denize an Peter xxx

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