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Your having a laugh…

This boldy-go banana voyage of discovery is mostly a serious expedition to explore alternative delivery routes through wildest darkest Europe, for packages outside the norm for Post Office parcel post deliverers.

Not everyone has taken this important aspect on board (yet another pun) and some have ventured to make fun of the whole serous enterprise, much to my surprise.  (Well done if you noticed the boldy-go / Enterprise references)

Therefore, in the interests of keeping a balanced view I have opened this page for your puns, jokes and cloaked mockery. If you wish to add insult to injury feel free to send your wit and, providing it is free of sexual innuendoes or racist remarks I will print them here – with of course the usual disclaimers that the content of the material may not reflect my opinions ect. even if they do make me laugh.

Comments and remarks

  • Perhaps this is a fruitless exercise?
  • Mind you don’t slip on your banana
  • Go Banana? I have to hand it to you…
  • Are you going to sail your banana into the mouth of the river?
  • Whats so appealing about your banana?
  • You should phone the Samaritans, they are really good  at talking people out of really bad ideas…
  • Try not to slip up and skin your knees, don’t be pipsqueak or they’ll think you’re yellow, just appeal to all the bunch, keep your socks dry or your feet will be ripe, tried to get you a piper from Fyfe but he was a bit fruity! – Credit Andy Macdonald for his wit

Jokes, poems and general humour

  • Go on … go – bananas : )

Banana nirvana

Don’t flinch if they call you a nana
For travelling by floating banana
The rest of the bunch
Will be still out to lunch
While you’ll be halfway to nirvana…


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