Water Aid

The Banana voyage is not being sponsored by any charity.  I would like to invite anyone who feels that this voyage should be done for a charity to donate something to Water Aid, to do this please click on the link below.

WaterAidMany European peoples use the rivers I will be travelling on for drinking water.  Far too many people around the world do not have the luxury of being able to travel in this way on abundant water.  The basic need of fresh, clean drinking water should be available to all, not just a ew in first world countries. For too many people the very use of water, from sanitation to agriculture is not adequately supplied, completely absent or in very short supply causing people to have to travel and transport water, do without or drink polluted dirty and diseased.

The highest mortality rate in the world in children under 5 is directly related to poor water supplies.  If you have arrived at this page to see what the Banana Voyage is doing for charity, it is this:  I encourage to make a donation to Water Aid.  I would like to have no record of ‘how much I raised for charity’, I simply wish for a better world, and as you are here, you could help achieve just that!  Thank you on behalf of Water Aid.