The Banana Voyage – 1st March

I have spent the day doing follow ups to enquiries, typing up contact lists and working on ideas for the new web site and drinking coffee. The excellent news is there is now a new website. Naturally you know this because you are reading this on the new website; but it felt good typing that.

I can now see all the countries that use the website and loads of interesting statistics which is additive reading. Already loads of countries in Europe have had a look, I include the UK in this because as I write they are still in Europe. Monaco (also in Europe) is there and today’s surprise is someone from Costa Rica also is interested. Actually thinking about it the unfortunate person was probably looking for a real banana company, still it cheered me some.

All this magic and technological wizardry is due to one person…without whom the old site would still be up and running; and getting the project a bad name. People have on occasion asked why I am doing this project. Esther is a major part of the answer. The Banana voyage is about meeting people whilst going on an extraordinary voyage.

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