The Journey Day 45

I walked to the ship in the cold, damp, dark dawn and took up my position in the wheel house.  As the sun came up a very familiar countryside of neat villages and wooded gentle hillsides was reviled.  Lock after lock took the ship higher and higher every half hour or so until Bamberg came into view.

Stadt Wurzburg was tied up in front of the Port de Mar.  No one was on board and the crane was in position to lift their car back on the ship when their trip to town was over.  The crew got ready to leave; cleaning everything for the new crew coming on board soon.

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The Journey – Day 43

Day 43 – May 13, Friday

 Stadt Wurtzburg

Friday the 13th actually turned out to be a lucky day for the Banana Voyage.  Sitting in the motorhome, listening to the rain, writing up notes and drinking far too much coffee, I did not hold out too much hope of getting a tow out of the Lock at Harrback.  The events of the day before had left the Banana on the grass at the top of the Lock, the place that ships pass as they build up speed to get out of the channel and into the full flowing river; not a place to stop and pick up a hitch hiking Banana.

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