Busy and thank you!

In the last two days I have been attacked by a 15c knight, joined a football club on their yearly boating trip, Played and sang with a sixties revival band on stage, interviewed the vice president of a rowing club actually on the iBanana, filmed the banana research centre in Wageningen University, sailed down the Lower Rhine on 135m 1 hr old cruise ship and given a five course luxury meal; then filmed the Captain and many of the crew, then sang last night with another football club, spent the afternoon trying to sort out the mess of files from photographs and videos from three cameras…



Had a chinese meal for 3.50 euros and am now in a petrol stations taking up the motorhome ready for the next lift, when I find someone sailing East…

I wll try to write something for the blog and post it next time I get internet – thank you all for your well wishes and comments on here, my emails, texts and the guest book page on the www.gobanana.info site – Best wishes

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