Day 24 of the Journey

Eelco and Nicole live on the house boat about 1km along the quay from where the main dock is for the luxury cruisers tie up.  I have been stopping each night in a convenient parking place near where other ships and house boats leave their cars, bikes and motorhomes, so mine is nothing unusual.

Eelco works in the studio where I was ‘invited’ to record the one off, first take of the new Banana theme tune I composed whilst mucking about with my guitar.  Set to a new arrangement of the old Latin America la bamba, adding the lyrics ‘banana’ or rather the word banana fitted into the rhythm wherever I can.

Eelco makes and repairs guitars and plays really well, so he was invited by his friend Leon ‘he who bought the shark head), who works in another part of the studio selling and exchanging drum kits.  Whilst sorting out the fun messing around with the shark I thought this would be a good opportunity to record the banana song.

Eelco went off for a few moments and came back with  an electric guitar shaped like a shark.  At first I thought he was just showing it to me and fooling around with it after the fun with the sharks head.  He actually offered it to me as gift to mark our meeting.

I was completely surprised by his generosity.  After filming and recording the song I went along the quay to see if I could find a boat to take me away from all this mayhem.  The captain of a Swiss cruise warmly welcomed me on board, listened to my mad ideas and said he would ask his bosses if a hitch hiker could be taken on board. It turned out he had worked for eight years with the captain of the Ama Waterways ship.

The rest of yesterday was spent trying to upload a video; the library closed with 18% to go so hours were lost.  I attempted to keep the upload going by holding up my computer to the building but the signal disconnected and I earned a lot of baffled looks from local people passing me as I stood in the street waving an expensive computer about above my head.

I went to a bakery that had internet; which loaded exactly to the same place then cut off.  Driving around Arnhem on a Saturday night looking for a bar or café that had Wi-Fi was no easy task.  Most places were full or had no parking near by.  I found a café bar and set to work only to find that their internet didn’t work too well.

The barman noticed me calling my computer strange names and threatening to smash it, so came over to find out what the problem was.  He immediately offered his office which was over the road and took me, computer in hand and showed me where I could work.  I filmed an interview to ask him if he does this often.  I loaded up the files and went back to the bar to join in with his friends 27th birthday party.

Today has been a quiet Sunday with me catching up on the typing things like this.  There are forecasts of snow, which by the look of the black clouds rushing by on an icy wind might well come true.  At the moment it is difficult to type accurately as the motorhome is rocking about with as strong gusts of wind and hail batter the vehicle.  I invited Eelco and Nicole to lunch, no filming, just lots of good conversation and fun; I am in no hurry to step outside into the blast of wind and hail so  have a chance to catch up typing up the many contacts that I have made over the last few days.

I will finish this off and go to the quay to see if the captain has made up his mind about cruising with him tomorrow.  Over lunch Eelco said a friend of his who lives on the next boat has a speed boat.  If he agrees I can get down-stream quickly to get to any boat that may agree to take me through Germany le viagra est il efficace.  The Swiss cruise ship is going to Stuttgart which would be brilliant; so off I go.  Ba na na na na na.  ba na na na na na na, na na na

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